How do you outfit over 4,000 employees in fewer than 60 days?

THe Challenge:

Kaiser Permanente needed a partner to coordinate the sourcing, production and delivery of office and clinical apparel for over 4,000 employees. Kaiser's policies required that employee selection of apparel types and color options be limited by department, and their budget for each employee varied depending upon the department and role.

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The Pinnacle Solution:

Pinnacle developed a custom secure online portal, establishing purchasing rules by individual to limit what each could purchase and how much each could spend. Through our purchasing platform, Kaiser's administrative team was able to enforce their strict policies with minimal purchase engagement. We even provided secure credit card processing for employees who wished to exceed their approved individual budget.

Orders were processed through our online portal, consolidated in our production facility and shipped upon completion of each departments ordering. Pinnacle successfully delivered over 38,000 pieces — including oxfords, polos, and scrubs — for 70 departments and 4,100 individuals within 60 days. With screen printing and embroidery co-located with our fulfillment operations, orders were successfully packaged, kitted, and shipped within days of production.

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